The Fletcher Fund for Equality and Education

Breaking Barriers, Boundless Vision

As inequalities that have haunted and hampered the U.S. for most of our history come to the forefront of public attention with undeniable clarity, the Fletcher Fund for Equality and Education seeks to catalyze a more virtuous cycle.

We invest in exceptional students, from underserved communities, as they pursue opportunities in higher education.

Through scholarships, mentorships and other critical support we take an unmatched approach we break down barriers to achievement in higher education, open the lives of exceptional students to boundless vision, and cultivate a generational cycle of education, wealth and leadership to uplift communities for generations to come.

Let Your Vision Be Boundless

If you’re a student with exceptional academic achievements but need support to continue on to a quality higher education, we congratulate you on your dedication and drive. We’d like to learn more about you and see if you are a fit for our program.

Contact Us

251-591-6135 or email us at [email protected]